Landed in Boston

We had the choice to move to San Diego or Boston, and we decided to go Boston! We love it here and have found some wonderful friends and some amazing mentors.

As part of Raytheon’s Leadership Development Program, we were able to tour a few different places and pick which position that we’d like to take for our next 1 year rotation. Our short list ended up being a position in San Diego or another in Burlington, Massachusetts, a few miles outside of Boston. We decided to go big and took the position near Boston. We love it here, and we’ve found quite a few other young couples that are here for work or school and just starting their lives like us. Cate is preparing to take the LSAT in preparation for going to law school, and I’ve decided to take the GMAT and see if business school makes sense for me in the future. A few people have been super helpful, Whitney Bowman and Ryan Woodley both have given me some tips on applying to business school. Jim Kelly has been super supportive and helpful in Cate’s pursuit of law school. We started taking the bus every evening to our prep courses and studying afterward in Cambridge Square.