List Shack has landed

While getting some big data sets for Scott and Dr. Bob to work with for Analyze Corp's big data product, I spent some time working with a good friend to launch List Shack - Unlimited marketing lists for $50 per month.

In my quest to help Analyze get a foothold in the big data market, I went looking for the biggest data sources that I could find. Some were online, like the U.S. Census and Department of Labor employment stats and others weren’t. I started working closely with a good friend, Joshua Stacey, that had been selling marketing lists, phone numbers and mailing addresses, to insurance agents for the last couple of years, and I started to get involved with his pet project, List Shack. Over the last 6 - 7 months, I’ve been chatting, consulting, and helping Josh in exchange for almost free access to his data so that my two partners Scott Chase and Dr. Bob Nolker have some big data sets to start crunching with our big computers and can create an awesome big data project. Super excited for Josh’s List Shack launch and fingers crossed we can make our own product launch just as successful in a few months.

Check out List Shack