My name is Wyatt

Here's a little bit about me.

I do startups, and I love my work.

I am currently starting up Directangular.

I also started up Listshack where I helped get things rolling to $1M+ annual revenue.

I did a fun side-project called Home Toro that provides free websites and social media marketing tools for Real Estate professionals. Check out a sample site at

I also started up Analyze Corporation where I helped to raise $3M+ in growth capital through Angel List, Keiretsu Forum, and friends and family.

I learned business working for Raytheon in their Leadership Development Program. After graduating the program I helped start the Cyber training product-line.

I also like to invest in software startups. I've found startups through Piranha Tank and Startups Ignite.

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I graduated from Brigham Young University

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in 2009. I graduated with honors and wrote a thesis with Ray Christensen, PH.D. as my mentor.

Download my honors' thesis entitled "Why men wear women's jeans" here.

While at BYU I worked in the Scottish Parliament for Dr. Bill Wilson, MSP and Dr. Eric Swanepoel as a Parliamentary Assistant. I helped with the research that lead to proposing corporate punishment reform in Scotland.

I worked for Rose Ann Benson in the Religious Studies Center and helped edit, compile, and index an unpublished book containing all of the stories told by the late President Thomas S. Monson during general conference called, "Treasured Stories of Thomas Spencer Monson."

Download the unpublished compilation entitled "Treasured Stories of Thomas Spencer Monson" by Rose Ann Benson here.

I also worked as a Spanish Teacher in the Missionary Training Center.

I graduated from Mountain Crest High School.

I am married to my beautiful wife Cate and I have three super fun boys.

I love Facebook but don't post much there.

I go to church on Sundays and I like to play sports.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I moved here from San Diego. Check out my old neighborhood on Google maps or compare me to my neighbors on Analyze